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Latitude 83 Photography strives to give you top of the World photography that you love. The name represents my birth year (i'm an 80's child!), as wll as a circle of latitude that is 83 degrees north of the Earth's equator, in the Arctic Ocean...on top of the World!  Aside from that, and most important, it represents a top of the line photography company with vision and purpose.  I capture moments in time, and document the beauty of the earth through spectacular photographs.  Let the images speak for themselves....check them out on the PORTFOLIO page!  
SARA BOBELDYK  Photographer & Traveler


I have always been interested in exploring and traveling.  This may be as simple as finding an amazing new hike nearby in the Rocky Mountains, or flying to another country to experience different cultures.  I just love to see the beauty in this world and share my stories and photographs with others.  

Along with that is my passion for photography. I strive to capture the beauty I see in the places that I travel and the people that I meet. I want others to be able to explore the world through my photographs, and be motivated to fly, climb, or drive to new sights in this spectacular and vast world that we live in.  It is my hope that Latitude 83 Photography can continue to bring these images to others and achieve the goals set out by this company.  So I say "Cheers!" to future adventures in life. Hope you enjoy.